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“Parkaman Magazine”

Why is the Magazine called Parkaman? In the Belgian Army, in which I serve, “Parkaman” is an urban legend and real person(s), that is used to warn you or – when too late – teach you a lesson when you did something terribly wrong. Its a ‘mysterious’ figure, always clothed with a parka or poncho, face(s) hidden and solely comes at night.. For that reason I thought it is a good name for a True Crime magazine.

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You are free to contact me with any tip, suggestion or comment related to the website. I’m always looking for historical articles and photographs related to various crimes and unsolved (crime) mysteries. Review of books or other type of media – solely related to the subject of homicide / unsolved cold cases – are also requested for publication.

If you are interested to write for Parkaman Magazine, send me an e-mail with your previous works or learn more about the article submission guidelines.