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Transcript of Lesley Ann Downey’s Tape

This is the full Lesley Ann Downey tape transcript taken by Leonard Milner, a shorthand typist of the Supreme court in 1966.

0 20,960

The tape was found within a brown suitcase, recovered from lost property at a train station, along with many other incriminating items such as photographs. The ticket to claim the suitcase was found in the spine of Myra Hindley’s prayer book, which was what ‘PB’ stood for on the disposal plan.

Warning: This is an authentic transcript from the tape of Lesley Ann Downey before she was murdered by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. Parkaman Magazine made it available so that we may never forget the horrendous crimes done by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley and – especially – the reason why such killers should remain behind bars. Proceed at own risk.

Ian Brady: This is track four.
Ian Brady: Get out of the fucking road.
Ian Brady: Get in the fucking basket.
(Sound of door banging)
(Crackling noise)
(Steps across the room and then a recording noise followed by blowing sound into the microphone)
Myra Hindley: (Voice quiet, unreadable)
(Footsteps, light, walking across room; whispered conversation at the same time)
(Speech, distant, containing word ‘upstairs’; then two footsteps)
Lesley Ann Downey: (Screaming) Don’t. Mum–Ah.
Myra Hindley: (Whispering) Come on.
Myra Hindley: (Whispering) Shut up.
Lesley Ann Downey: (Pleading) Oh, please.
Lesley Ann Downey: Oh. (Then faintly:) Help – oh.
Lesley Ann Downey: Help. (Followed by gurgling noise)
Myra Hindley: Sh. Sh.Woman – Shut up. Shut UP. (Screams and gurgles)
Lesley Ann Downey: – Oh. Oh. Oh. (Child crying)
Myra Hindley: (Whispering) Keep – and you’ll be all right.
Myra Hindley: (Whispering) Go on.
(Quick footsteps mounting stairs, then entering room)
(Child crying, muffled)
Ian Brady: (whispering) Here.
Myra Hindley: Hush, hush. Go on.
(Woman speaking, unreadable)
(Child crying)
Myra Hindley: You are all right. Hush, hush. Put it in your mouth – hush and shift that hand.
(Child crying)
Myra Hindley: Put it in your mouth and keep it in and you’ll be all right.
Myra Hindley: Put it in, stop it.
Myra Hindley: If you don’t–shh.
(Child crying)
Myra Hindley: In your mouth. Hush, hush. Shut up or I’ll forget myself and hit you one. Keep it in.
(Child whimpering)
Ian Brady: Put it in.
Myra Hindley: (Spoken quickly) Put it in.
Ian Brady: (Speaks, but words unreadable except for the word ‘hand’)
Ian Brady: Put it in. Keep it in. Stop it now. Stop it now.
Myra Hindley: I’m only doing this and you’ll be all right.
Myra Hindley: Put it in your mouth. Put it in – in. (Further words spoken by the woman which are unreadable except for ‘put it in’)
Myra Hindley: Will you stop it, stop it.
(Womans voice unreadable)
(Child whimpering)
Myra Hindley: Shut –
Ian Brady: Quick. Put it in now.
(Child whimpering) (Retching noise)
Ian Brady: Just put it in now, love. Put it in now.
(Retching noise)
Lesley Ann Downey: (Muffled) What’s this in for?
Ian Brady: Put it in.
Lesley Ann Downey: Can I just tell you summat? I must tell you summat. Please, take your hands off me a minute, please, please– Mummy–please.
Lesley Ann Downey: I can’t tell you. (Grunting)
Lesley Ann Downey: (In quick sequence) I can’t tell you, I can’t breathe. Oh.
Lesley Ann Downey: I can’t – Dad- Will you take your hands off me?
(Man whispering)
Ian Brady: No. Tell me.
Lesley Ann Downey: Please God.
Ian Brady: Tell me.
Lesley Ann Downey: I can’t while you’ve got your hands on me. (mumbling sound)
Ian Brady: Why don’t you keep it in?
Lesley Ann Downey: Why? What are you going to do with me?
Ian Brady: I want some photographs,  that’s all.
Ian Brady: Put it in.
Lesley Ann Downey: Don’t undress me, will you?
Myra Hindley: That’s right, don’t –
Lesley Ann Downey: It hurts me. I want to see Mummy, honest to God.
Ian Brady: Put it in.
Lesley Ann Downey: I’ll swear on the Bible.
Ian Brady: Put it in, and hurry up now. The quicker you do this, the quicker you’ll get home.
Lesley Ann Downey: I’ve got to go, because I’m going out with my Mamma. Leave me, please. Help me, will you?
Ian Brady: Put it in your mouth and you’ll be all right.
Lesley Ann Downey: Will you let me go when this is out?
Ian Brady: Yes. the longer it takes you to do this, the longer it takes you to get home.
Lesley Ann Downey: What are you going to do with me first?
Ian Brady: I’m going to take some photographs. Put it in your mouth.
Lesley Ann Downey: What for?
Ian Brady: Put it in your mouth. (Pause) Right in.
Lesley Ann Downey: I’m not going to do owt.
Ian Brady: Put it in. If you don’t keep that hand down, I’ll slit your neck. (Pause) Put it in.
Lesley Ann Downey: Won’t you let me go? Please.
Ian Brady: No, no. Put it in, stop talking.
Ian Brady: What’s your name?
Lesley Ann Downey: Lesley.
Ian Brady: Lesley what?
Lesley Ann Downey: Ann.
Ian Brady: What’s your second name?
Lesley Ann Downey: Westford. Westford.
Ian Brady: Westford?
Lesley Ann Downey: I have to get home before 8 o’clock. I got to get – (Pause) Or I’ll get killed if I don’t. Honest to God.
Ian Brady: Yes.
(Quick footsteps of woman leaving room and going downstairs; then a click; then woman’s footsteps coming upstairs; then eight longer strides)
Ian Brady: What is it?
Myra Hindley: I’ve left the light on.
Ian Brady: You ‘ave?
Myra Hindley: So that – (Remainder of sentence unreadable)
(Child starts crying)
Lesley Ann Downey: It hurts me neck.
Ian Brady: Hush, put it in your mouth and you’ll be all right.
Myra Hindley: Now listen, shurrup crying.
Lesley Ann Downey: (Crying) It hurts on me –
Myra Hindley: (Interrupting) Hush! Shut up. Now, put it in. Pull that hand away and don’t dally and just keep your mouth shut, please.
Myra Hindley: Wait a bit, I’ll put this on again. D’you get me?
Lesley Ann Downey: (Whining) No, I – (Remainder of sentence unreadable)
Myra Hindley: Sh. Hush. Put that in your mouth. And again, packed more solid.(whispered sentences, unreadable)
Lesley Ann Downey: I want to go home. Honest to god. I’ll (Further speech muffled but uninterrupted) – before eight o’clock.
Myra Hindley: No, it’s all right.
Ian Brady: Eh!

(Music commences, country-style tune followed by ‘Jolly St Nicholas’, during which various non-vocal noises can be heard; then tune ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ during which a voice speaks – unreadable)
(Three loud cracks, systematic, even-timed)
(Music- ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ – goes fainter)
(Sounds on tape cease)

One of the witnesses that has spoken to Brady and Hindley on many occasions was able to identify the voices of the man and woman on the tape as those of the accused: Ian Brady as the male voice and Myra Hindley as the female voice.