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New True Crime Series You Can Watch in 2018

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For all of you True Crime fans I’ve compiled a list of series that either were released in 2018 or new a season came out. They are definite worth watching! I first wanted to include a few older series of which I am a fan (such as Real Detective, Mindhunter etc.) but thought for you guys it would be more interesting for new series.

Homicide City
Homicide City

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Homicide City (Season 1)

HOMICIDE CITY takes a deep dive into the stories of unforgettable murders from the streets of Philadelphia. Told through the eyes of veteran homicide detectives, local reporters and the victim’s families who have lost so much, these are the cases they will never forget.

Season 1 features 6 episodes.

You can watch Homicide City now on Amazon.com

Evil Talks Chilling Confessions (Season 1)

Evil Talks: Chilling Confessions takes you behind the scenes for intense criminal exchanges of the worst kind. Experience evil through the most chilling conversations, while unraveling crime and deceit.

Currently three episodes are released, per week a new one is released.

You can watch the current episodes on Amazon.com

On the Case with Paula Zahn
On the Case with Paula Zahn

On the Case with Paula Zahn (Season 16)

Award-winning journalist Paula Zahn is on the case investigating homicides that have shattered lives from police tracing satanic clues to cases involving victims in fires. On the Case with Paula Zahn takes you across the country to reveal real life murder mysteries.

Features 15 new episodes. I’ve been a long lasting fan of this series, especially since they cover many more unknown murder cases.

You can now watch Season 16 of Paula Zahn on Amazon.com

Who Killed Jane Doe?
Who Killed Jane Doe?

Who Killed Jane Doe? (Season 2)

Who Killed Jane Doe? delivers two intense interwoven stories that collide on a timeline and finally merge, completing a dramatic crime story. Along the way, we give a voice to the nameless and a final resting place to a missing loved one. Jane Doe will get her name back, and justice as well.

This second season covers 6 episodes. Haunting and addictive series!

Those interested, you can view Season 2 of Who Killed Jane Doe? on Amazon.com

The Golden State Killer It's Not Over
The Golden State Killer It’s Not Over

The Golden State Killer It’s Not Over (Season 1)

The Golden State Killer: It’s Not Over follows the active investigation of a serial rapist and murderer. From 1976 to 1986 this predator raped over fifty women and killed ten people, and maybe even more victims are out there.

Consists of 4 episodes.

You can finally watch this new series on Amazon.com

This small but addictive true crime must-watch list will cover your needs for a few days! If you know about another interesting but new series, keep us updated! You need to have seen it before you can recommend it to us. If you like this list, share it!