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Quyen Ngoc Nguyen was raped, tortured and set on fire by evil killers

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Stephen Unwin and William McFall, who previously served already 13 years for killing pensioners in the 1990s, are now facing life in jail for the murder of Quyen Ngoc Nguyen, a mother of two. She was brutally raped, tortured and afterwards set on fire by Stephen and William McFall.

According to the police, it was a four-hour ordeal of torture before her body was torched by the two maintenance workers last August, when Stephen Unwin lured her to his home in Houghton-le-Spring in Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom.

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Quyen Ngoc Nguyen
Quyen Ngoc Nguyen

It was not their first kill, William McFall murdered  killed 86-year-old widow Martha Gilmore in 1996 with a hammer and Stephen Unwin murdered Jack Greenwell, 73 years old, by battering an stabbing him to death.

Both exchanged communication via text messages if they were going to rape Quen Ngoc Nguyen. McFall had send Unwin a message saying “We raping the Chink?”.

The two held 28-year-old Quyen captive for four hours and raped her before setting fire to her in her car.

After the murder, they both took a sick selfie and enjoyed a curry after the murder.
Stephen Unwin and William McFall taking a selfie after their horrendous crime
Stephen Unwin (left) and William McFall face life in jail
Stephen Unwin (left) and William McFall face life in jail