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Transcripts & Tapes of the Cassie Jo Stoddart Murder

These are full transcripts taken from various tapes that were filmed by Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik before and after the murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart. The tapes reveal their murder plans and admission of murdering Cassie.

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The video shown above contain some of the actual videos that were recovered by police and lets the viewers see the murder plans these two individuals had the day prior (September 21) and on the day of the murder itself (September 22). Brian even filmed and spoke to Cassie in the school hallway on the morning of the murder, knowing they would kill her that night. Their story ended when both confessed on tape that they had murdered Cassie Jo Stoddart in cold blood. Learn more about Cassie Jo Stoddart’s murder.

Transcripts of the Tapes

WARNING: These are authentic transcripts from the tapes of Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik before and after they murdered Cassie Jo Stoddart. Parkaman Magazine made them available so that we may never forget the horrendous crimes done by these individuals and – especially – the reason why such killers should remain behind bars. Proceed at own risk.

Adamcik and Draper are in a car, Adamcik is driving and Draper is filming from the passenger seat.

Draper: We found our victim and sad as it may be she’s our friend but you know what? We all have to make sacrifices. Our first victim is going to be Cassie Stoddart and her friends …
Adamcik: (Directed at passing car) God, turn your brights off asshole!
Draper: We’ll let you … (Laughs) we’ll find out if she has friends over, if she’s going to be alone in a big dark house out in the middle of nowhere (Laughs). How perfect can you get? I, I mean like holy shit dude.
Adamcik: I’m horny just thinking about it.
Draper: Hell yeah. So we’re gonna fuckin’ kill her and her friends and we’re gonna keep moving on. I heard some news about [Left name out to protect the individual], she’s gonna be home alone from six to seven so we might kill her and drive over to Cassie’s thing and scare the shit out of them and kill them one by fucking one. Hell yeah.
Adamcik: Why one by one? Why can’t it be a slaughterhouse?
Draper: Two by two and three by three. Cause we’ve got to keep it classy.
Adamcik: Keep it classy.
Draper: So yeah. It’s going to be extra fun.
Adamcik: You’re evil (Laughs).
Draper: Yes, I am. So are you dude. Evil. Evil.
Adamcik: No. Evil is an expression of God. That was another test you failed.
Draper: Evil is not an expression of God.
Adamcik: Yes, it is.
Draper: That is bullshit and you know it.
Adamcik: Evil of origin is a follower of fucking Satan.
Draper: There is no Satan.
Adamcik: Is Satan real? Then shut up.
Draper: Then how are we supposed to express ourselves?
Adamcik: Good and Bad.
Draper: We’re, we’re bad.
Adamcik: We are bad.
Draper: That sounds so shitty.
Adamcik: We’re evil. That sounds even shittier.
Draper: Hey, we’re not, okay. Then we are sick psychopaths who get their pleasure off killing other people.
Adamcik: That sounds good baby.
Draper: We’re gonna go down in history. We’re gonna be just like Scream except real life terms.
Adamcik: That sounds good baby.
Draper: We’re gonna be murderers. Like, let’s see, Ted Bundy, like the Hillside Strangler.
Adamcik: No.
Draper: The Zodiac Killer.
Adamcik: Those people were more amateurs compared to what we are going to be, we’re gonna be more of higher sources of Ed gl …
Draper: Gein
Adamcik: Gein
Draper: (Laughs) Well let’s say we’re that sick and that twisted —
Adamcik: Oh, you know what Ed Gein’s words were?
Draper: What?
Adamcik: He saw a girl walkin’ down the street, right?
Draper: Yeah.
Adamcik: Two questions came to his head. Hmm, I could take her out and have a nice time with her —
Draper: — and then kill her? Skin her alive?
Adamcik: — charm the pants off her. Or, I wonder what her head would look like on a stick? (Laughs)
Draper: (Laughs) Holy shit!
Adamcik: It’s creepy huh?
Draper: Kick ass.
Adamcik & Draper: (Laughing)
Draper: Murder is power, murder is freedom, goodbye.
Adamcik: Umm —

Brian Draper walking down the school hallway. He is talking to someone who appears to be walking with him. He then walks by the lockers where Cassie is at her locker.

Cassie Jo Stoddart - Morning of Murder in School Hallway
Cassie Jo Stoddart – Morning of the Murder in the School Hallway

Draper: Hey look, it’s Cassie. Hello Cassie.
Cassie: Hello.
Draper: (Laughs) I’m getting you on tape. Okay. Say hi please.
Cassie: Hi.

Draper: Alright, cool.
Adamcik: (Looking down and writing in notebook) I was planning to kill him.
Draper: September 22, 2006, we’re skipping our fourth hour class. We’re writing our plan right now for tonight. It’s gonna be cool.
Adamcik: We? Torey and Bryan … *writing* … we’re making our death list right now, for when, for actually tonight…
Draper: (Whispering) she’s watching us
Adamcik: (Unintelligible)
Draper: She’s still watching us …
Adamcik: (mumbling, unintelligible)
Draper: (Loudly) Number 2 is what? (Long gap where Adamcik and Draper are both concerned a teacher is going to see them, are whispering various things related to this and trying to make themselves less visible)
Adamcik: (Writing again) Then … (Unintelligible)
Draper: Yeah, if you’re watching this we’re probably deceased…
Draper: Hopefully this will go smoothly and we can get our first kill done and then keep going.
Adamcik: For you future serial killers watching this tape
Adamcik & Draper: (laughing)
Adamcik: I don’t know what to say.
Draper: It-It’s—
Adamcik: — good luck with that.
Draper: Good luck.
Adamcik: Hopefully you don’t have like 8, or 9 failures like we have.Draper: Yeah, we’ve probably tried maybe 10 times, but they’ve never been home alone so—
Adamcik: Or when they have, their parents show up.
Draper: As long as you’re patient you know, and we were patient and now we’re getting paid off, cuz our victim’s home alone, so we got er, our plan all worked out now…. I’m sorry. I’m sorry Cassie’s family, but she had to be the one. We have to stick with the plan … and she’s perfect, so she’s gonna die (Laughs)

Draper: We’re here in his car. The time is 9:50, September 22nd, 2006. Um … unfortunately we have the grueling task of killing our two friends and they are right in—in that house just down the street.
Adamcik: We just talked to them. We were there for an hour, but …
Draper: We checked out the whole house. We know there’s lots of doors. There, there’s lots of places to hide. Um, I unlocked the back doors. It’s all unlocked. Now we just got to wait and um … yep, we’re, we’re really nervous right now but, you know, we’re ready.
Adamcik: We’re listening to the greatest rock band ever.
Draper: We’ve waited for this for a long time.
Adamcik: Pink Floyd. Before we commit the ultimate crime of murder.
Draper: We’ve waited for this for a long time.
Adamcik: A long time.Draper: We—well stay tuned.

Draper: — just killed Cassie! We just left her house. This is not a fucking joke.
Adamcik: I’m shaking.
Draper: I stabbed her in the throat, and I saw her lifeless body. It just disappeared. Dude, I just killed Cassie!
Adamcik: Oh my God!
Draper: Oh, oh fuck. That felt like it wasn’t even real. I mean it went by so fast.
Adamcik: Shut the fuck up. We gotta get our act straight.
Draper: It’s okay. Okay? We—we’ll just buy movie tickets now.
Adamcik: Okay
Draper: (Unintelligible)
Adamcik: No.
Draper: Okay. Bye.

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