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Serial Killers

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REVIEW: Bad Girls from History by Dee Gordon

However, encyclopedia style books are not for everyone. They can often leave the reader yearning for more information which the author isn’t able to provide within the short space they have available. However, when we consider that Bad…

The Murder of Krista Sepp in Ontario, 1989

The Story of Krista Sepp Midland is a small Ontario town located on the shores of Georgian Bay. It has a population of almost 17,000 people and quite frankly, not much goes on in this sleepy little town. Midland was incorporated in 1890…

REVIEW: Empire of Crime by Tim Newark

Empire of Crime Given the number of books, TV shows and movies which boast organised crime as their central theme, it’s an understatement to say that this topic is a fascinating subject to many people. However, with popularity comes…

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